4 Concurrent License

You have a Concurrent Network license if your serial number is:

xxxxx-2xxx-79xxxxx, or

If your serial number is:

xxxxx-9xxx-xxxxxxx, or

then you have a Node-Locked license and the information on this page is NOT relevant to you.

A Concurrent Network package entitles you to install or deploy Origin on any number of computers in your organization. Each of these computers must have a connection to a computer (workstation or server) on which you must install a FLEXnet server (provided by OriginLab) and set up a FLEXnet service for license management. If you are already using FLEXnet license management for another software vendor, then you can use this same computer to set up a service for managing your Origin, as long as the operating system is supported by OriginLab.

The FLEXnet service will restrict the number of Origins that can run at the same time, based on your purchased concurrent number. Thus, if you purchased a 25-user Concurrent Network package, no more than 25 computers can run Origin at the same time. Once an Origin is running, there is an option to "borrow" the Origin, such that it can be run for a specified maximum time detached from the FLEXnet server.

The Concurrent Network license is subject to time zone restrictions. This will require all client machines on which Origin is running must be in the same time zone as that of the server machine. If you want to run Origin in different time zone from the server (the oversea office for example), please contact OriginLab.

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