3.9.5 Plot Type IDs

Plot Type ID n is used to specify the plot type option in LabTalk commands such as worksheet -p n template, layer -in dataset, layer.plotxy(Xdataset, Ydataset[, n]), etc.

The n value here is the plot type ID. The possible plot types and their IDs are listed in the table below. And the corresponding template name is also provided. These templates are all included with the Origin software. You are not restricted to using the Provided Template. And it allows specifying XY subrange by using X values.

Plot type ID can also be used in X-Function plotxy.

or X-Function plotxyz for 3D plot and plotm for plots from matrix

For example, worksheet -p 194 scatter is to create a bubble + color mapped scatter plot. Using LabTalk to call plotxy, as in plotxy plot:=202, yields the Line+Symbol plot template.

Plot Types IDs:

ID Graph Type Input Data Range Provided Template (OTP)
101 3D Scatter Matrix Object gl3DScatterMat
103 3D Surface XYZ Range/Matrix Object glmesh, glcmap, glwirefrm, glwireface

glxconst, glyconst(matrix object as input only)

105 Heatmap Matrix Object heatmap
108 Dendrogram XYY Range Cluster
183 3D Vector XYZXYZ Range/XYZdXdYdZ Range gl3DVector
184 3D Scatter + Error Bar XYZZ Range gl3DError
185 Ternary Contour XYZZ Range TernaryContour
186 Polar X(R) Y(Theta) XY Range PolarXrYTheta
191 Smith Chart XY Range SmithCht
192 Polar XY Range polar
193 Bubble (indexed size) XYY Range scatter
194 Bubble + color mapped XYY Range scatter
200 Line XY Range line
201 Scatter XY Range scatter
202 Line+symbol XY Range linesymb
203 Column XY Range column
204 Area XY Range area
205 High-Low-Close XYYY Range hclose
206 Box Y Range box
207 Floating Bar XYY Range floatbar
208 XYAM Vector XYYY Range vector
210 3D Walls XYY Range walls
210 3D Waterfall XYY Range glWater3D
211 3D Ribbons XYY Range ribbon
212 3D Bars XYY Range bar3d
213 Column Stack/Windrose XYY Range (2Y selected) column/windrose
214 Stack area XYY Range (2Y selected) stackarea
215 Bar XY Range bar
216 Stack Bar XYY Range (2Y selected) bar
218 XYXY Vector XYXY Range vectxyxy
219 Histogram Y Range hist
220 Image Plot Matrix Object image
221 OHLC Chart OHLC Range Candlestick, OHLCBarChart
225 Pie chart XY Range pie
226 Contours Matrix Object contour, contline, contgray
230 unknown unknown any template, the plot type will be determined by the one used in the specified template.
231 Error Bar XYyErr Range Errbar
233 X Error Bar XYxErr Range Errbar
240 3D scatter or trajectory plots XYZ Range 3d, traject, gl3d, glTraject
242 3D surface plots Matrix Object mesh, xconst, yconst, cmap, wirefrm, wireface
242 3D bars XYZ Range gl3dbars
243 Contours XYZ Range Contour, PolarContour, TriContour, TriContline, TriContgray
245 Ternary XYZ Range ternary
247 Color mapped XYY Range scatter
248 Bubble+color mapped XYYY Range scatter
249 Fill area XYY Range fillarea
Notes: For 3D plots, the templates based on both non-openGL and openGL are provided, if the template name starts with "gl", then it is openGL based, otherwise it is non-openGL based.