5 What's New in Origin 2022

Origin 2022 New Feature Highlights

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Top Features

  • Template Center for Graphs and Books: Browse and download add-on templates from the OriginLab website.
  • Named Data Range: Similar to MS Excel, you can now assign a name to a worksheet cell, range of worksheet cells, or a matrix object, and use the name in cell or column formulas or to draw Reference Lines in graphs. Use the Name Manager to manage name, scope and edit data range.
  • Insert Image to Graphs: Supported by a new Image Window for editing project images, there are improvements in inserting images to graphs, both as floating or background images.
  • Insert Notes to Cells: Select a worksheet cell and click the Insert Note Mini Toolbar button. A popup of Notes content displays on hover.
  • Object Manager Improvements: Switch between plots view and graph objects views. Show or hide text labels, drawn objects and images.
  • Simplified Graph Export: Simplified graphic export dialog for PNG, BMP, JPG, TIF and EMF formats. Control DPI for raster formats. Save settings as Theme for repeat use.
  • Improvements to "Copy Graph as Image": Edit: Copy Graph as Image (CTRL+ALT+J) now gives choice of image format (PNG, EMF, DIB, HTML, JPEG). Options > Page tab allows assigning Copy Graph as Image <last used> to the CTRL + C hotkey; or choose Edit: Copy Graph as Image <theme>.
  • Data: Connect to Cloud: Connect to Origin, Excel and ASCII files stored in your OneDrive or Google Drive account.
  • New Graph Types: Pie Map, Ridgeline Charts, Grouped Floating Bar Graphs, Sunburst Plots, Cluster Plot (K-Means Cluster Analysis output option).
  • Add-on Templates from the OriginLab "Template Center": A new template repository has been established for add-on book or graph templates. Templates can be browsed and downloaded directly from New Book or Template Library by clicking the Open Template Center button in the upper-right corner of the dialogs.

Features by Category

New Graph Templates











For more information, see Programming in Origin > Python.


  • Access to line, column plot settings for Transparency for Fill Only and Follow Line Transparency.
  • LET( ) support for vector intermediates (e.g. LET(v, movslope(A,B,3), idx(abs(v)>1))).
  • Worksheet object property to count user-defined parameters (wks.upc // read-only integer).
  • New page object property for saving workbooks, with or without contained operations. (page.save(fname$[, n, comments$]); //default n = 0).
  • Access to ROI objects adding or deleting ROI in the matrix or image layer.
  • Improvement to COLOR( ) function to pick single colors from a built-in or user-defined color list or palette.

For more information, see Programming in Origin > LabTalk.

Programming, General

  • X-Function keywords (Path, Path2) to control style of folder browser.
  • Add low-level functions for profiling on image stacks.

For more information, see Programming in Origin.

New Apps for Origin 2022

To find out more about Origin Apps, including where you can get the free add-on Apps listed above, see the Apps for Origin chapter of this User Guide.