6.10.10 Simple Dot Chart


Dot chart is a statistical chart which consists of data points plotted on a simple scale. It is often used as a substitute for the pie chart, as it allows for quantities to be compared easily. This tutorial will teach you how to create a simple dot chart plot:

Simple Dot Chart.png

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 2015 SR0

What you will learn

This tutorial will show you how to:

  • Create a scatter graph
  • Change the X-Y Axis
  • Use the Plot Details dialog to customize your graph


Start with the following data which represents various elements in a compound:

Element Content
C 36
Cl 2
H 28
N 10
O 12
P 7
S 5

  1. Create a new workbook using the New Workbook icon in the Standard toolbar, and input the data:
    Simple Dot Chart-1.png
  2. Highlight Col(A) and Col(B). Select the Plot > Basic 2D : Scatter menu item from the main menu to create a scatter plot as shown below:
    Simple Dot Chart-2.png
  3. Select Graph: Exchange X-Y Axis from the menu.
    Simple Dot Chart-3.png
  4. Double-click on the graph to bring up the Plot Details dialog, change the symbols and the symbol color using the different tabs as shown below:
    Simple Dot Chart-9.png
    Simple Dot Chart-4.png
    Simple Dot Chart-5.png
  5. Click the OK button to save the changes and close the dialog. The graph should appear as shown below:
    Simple Dot Chart-6.png
  6. The next step is to reset the X and Y Axes. Double-click the horizontal axis to open the Axis dialog. On the Scale page, set From as 0 and To as 40. Set the Increment as 10.
    Simple Dot Chart-10.png
  7. Go to the Line and Ticks page, select the Left icon in the left panel, and set both Major Ticks and Minor Ticks to None. Click OK to save the changes.
    Simple Dot Chart-7.png
  8. The completed Dot chart should appear as shown below:
    Simple Dot Chart-8.png