6.9.4 Combining Line and Contour Plots


This tutorial will show you how to create a Word Map by combining Line Plot and Contour graph.

Tutorial CombineContourLine 7.png

What will you learn

  • Create a contour graph
  • Combine a Line Plot and a Contour graph into a graph layer
  • Customize the contour graph


This tutorial is associated with <Origin EXE Folder>\Samples\Tutorial Data.opj.

  1. Open Tutorial Data.opj and browse to the Map Combining Line and Contour Plots folder in Project Explorer (PE).
  2. Activate MBook1A matrix and highlight entire matrix. Select Plot > Contour : Contour - Color Fill to create a contour graph.
    Tutorial CombineContourLine 1.png
  3. At this step, we will add a Line plot to the contour graph. Select Graph: Layer Contents to open the dialog. In the top-right available data drop-down list of the dialog, choose Worksheets in Folder. Select B(Y) column of the Book5 in the left panel, choose Line plot type, and add to the right panel. Then click OK button. Delete the legend for the added line plot.
    Tutorial CombineContourLine 8v.png
    Please note, you can drag-and-drop the worksheet data into the contour graph as a line plot added.
  4. In the following steps, we will customize the graph. Select Format: Layer to open the Plot Details dialog. Select the Display/Speed tab, disable two check boxes that in the Speed Mode, Skip Points if needed group. Go to Size tab, check the Link Axis Length to Scale with X:Y Ratio check box and keep its value being 1, and then set the Width to 80.
    Tutorial CombineContourLine 1a.png
  5. Expand the Layer1 branch and select contour plot in the left panel of the Plot Details dialog. Then do the following things:
    • Go to the Color Map/ Contours tab, click the Level heading to open the Set Levels dialog. Set the dialog as the following image shows:
    Tutorial CombineContourLine 2.png
    • Click OK button to close the dialog. Click the Fill head to open the Fill dialog, select Introduce Other Colors in Mixing radio box. Then set From to Orange and To to Navy.
    • Click OK button to close the dialog. Click the cell the in the Fill column and <0.5 row to set fill color to Red.
    Tutorial CombineContourLine 3.png
    • Click OK button to close the dialog. Click the cell the in the Fill column and >7 row to set fill color to Black.
    • Click OK button to close the dialog. Click the Lines heading to open the Contour Lines dialog, uncheck the Show on Major Levels only check box and then select the Hide All option.
    • Click OK button to close the dialog. Click the Color box that in the Missing Value group, set fill color to White. Click OK button.
    Tutorial CombineContourLine 4.png
  6. Go to Label tab, select Decimal Places radio box and keep the default value 1.
    Tutorial CombineContourLine 4a.png
  7. Click Ok button to apply the settings to the graph. Select Graph: Fit Page to Layers menu to open the Fit Page to Layers dialog. Accept the default settings and click OK button. The graph should look like:
    Tutorial CombineContourLine 5.png
    Double-click on the Color Scale to open the Color Scale Control dialog and go to the Layout page, do the following setting:
    Tutorial CombineContourLine 6 1.png
    Go to the Levels page, do settings as below:
    Tutorial CombineContourLine 6.png
  8. Resize and reposition of the color scale. Then modify the X, Y axis tick labels, titles and add the graph title as the example graph shows. The graph should look like
    Tutorial CombineContourLine 7.png