Origin 2020 SR1 Bug Fixes






Legend border crash and ease of use issues

New bug in Origin 2020 Sr0

  1. Mini toolbar shows in border mode which makes it harder to adjust margins

  2. In border mode, drag frame to resize, either diagonally or horizontal/vertically, crash happens.


Double Y Column Plot Failed to Set Gap

New bug in Origin 2020 Sr0.

  1. Use xyy data to make double y column plot.

  2. Under Spacing tab.
    ==> Overlap(% Negative for Gap) is grayed out.


Hotkey A failed to zoom in layout

New bug in Origin 2020 Sr0.


Issue with Changing Plot Type from Plot Details dialog

This is an old bug Origin 8.

Workaround was to use 2D graphs toolbar button to change plot type.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a graph with line+symbol plot.

  2. Set the symbol to use Single Alphabetic characters

  3. open Plot Details to change plot type from Line+Symbol to Line

  4. Click OK and save project.

  5. Reopen the project.

==> The plot is still line+symbol.


Origin crashed when loading project with hidden XY Scale object in graph window.

This is an old bug since Origin 9.1.

Steps to reproduce

  1. New a graph window, add an XY scale object on it.

  2. Right click on it and select Copy Format - All.

  3. Right click on it and select Paste Format (Advanced) to open dialog.

  4. Right click on X Axis branch, select Add - Show, then uncheck it.

  5. Do the same for Y axis branch, click Apply.--> No XY Scale shows on graph.

  6. Save the project and reopen it.
    ==> Origin crashed.

Import and Export





Fail to open dialog when selecting Data: Connect to Database: New in German Version

New bug in Origin 2020 Sr0.


Choose Window: Script Window... menu.

Use run.section(file,ImportADO) instead






For text input, auto fill failed to trigger recalculation for any operations

New bug in Origin 2020 SR0.

E.g. fill column A with text, such as aa, bb.

In column B, set F(x) cell as A so it shows aa, bb.

Select aa and bb in column A and drag the bottom-right corner of bb downwards to fill with more rows with aa, bb, ...

==> Column B doesn't auto update to show more values.

Note: No such problem if column A is numbers.

No such problem if you manually enter more values in column A.


sum() function failed to generate results below row 50

New bug in Origin 2020 SR0.

E.g. create a 100 row worksheet.

Fill column A with row numbers.

In F(x) cell of column B, enter sum(diff(A))

==> Missing values show from row 51 on in column B


Sheet1!A Not Working When Used As Index when setting column value

New bug in Origin 2020 SR0

E.g. Run Script

newbook sheet:=2; //create a new book with 2 sheets

%H_A={3,2,1}; //Set column A value on Sheet1

%H_A@2={4,5,6}; //Set column A value on Sheet2

csetvalue col:=col(B) formula:="Sheet2!A[Sheet1!A]"; //Set column B value using A on sheet2 as index