Origin 2020 Known Issues




Double Y Column Plot Fail to Set Gap

New bug in Origin 2020.

Overlap(% Negative for Gap)  is disabled for double y column plot.


Crash when dragging legend corner diagonally in border mode to adjust margins

New bug in Origin 2020.

  1. Mouse over legend so hand cursor shows.
  2. Click so it enters border mode. (double border shows with handles)
  3. Drag the bottom-right corner of the whole legend box (double border) and drag diagonally.

  ==> Origin crashes.

Workaround: Don't drag diagonally. Drag horizontally or vertically.

Or right click legend and choose Properties.

Go to Frame tab to adjust Margins.


Copy Plot to Worksheet is broken

New bug in Origin 2020.

Select a plot in graph and Ctrl+C

Go to worksheet and select a cell, Ctrl+V

==> Plot data failed to be pasted.




For text input, auto fill failed to trigger recalculation of set column Values

New bug in Origin 2020.

E.g. fill column A with text, such as aa, bb.

In column B, set F(x) cell as A so it shows aa, bb.

Select aa and bb in column A and drag the bottom-right corner of bb downwards to fill with more rows with aa, bb, ...

==> Column B doesn't auto update to show more values. 

Note: No such problem if column A is numbers.

No such problem if you manually enter more values in column A.

Workaround: Set column A as Text. 


sum() function failed to generate results below row 50

New but in Origin 2020.

E.g. create a 100 row worksheet.

Fill column A with row numbers.

In F(x) cell of column B, enter sum(diff(A))

==> Missing values show from row 51 on in column B

Fixed in Origin 2020b.




Data: Connect to Database: New cannot open dialog in German Origin


Choose Window: Script Window... menu.

Use  run.section(file,ImportADO) instead


Import Wizard dialog failed to be opened in Select Filter dialog

If user has user-defined import filter and drag and drop data file into Origin to import,

Select Filter dialog opens.

There is an Import Wizard button in the dialog to open it but it failed to open the dialog in Origin 2020.



No OPJU file previewRun Origin as administrator once will fix it.