Origin 2019 SR0 Known Issues


ORG-19262Parallel plot crashes in Origin 2017

When OPJ with Parallel plot is opened in Origin 2017, Origin will crash.

Note: To work around the problem, choose menu "Tools: System Variables" set @DM=0 in the dialog

ORG-192623D Tetrahedral plot crashes in Origin 2018 and older versions

When OPJ with 3D Tetrahedral plot is opened in Origin 2018 and older versions, Origin will crash.

Note: Origin 2018b does not have the problem

ORG-19262Heatmap made in Origin 2019 looks different if opened in Origin 2018b and earlier

Heatmap is a new type now in Origin 2019. See the template name is Heat_Map.otpu.

If you save a heatmap in Origin 2019 and give it to colleague with Orign 2018b an earlier, it will look different or messed up.

ORG-18767Small graph layer(Export vector format) quality fails to be as good as large layer

The source data and page size form the rendering input, so different page size means different input, different result is what it will be.
Large layer stands for much higher solution input.


 In export graph dialog, Set higher exporting resolution:1200 and image size fit width to 10 inches,



When saving workbook analysis template with Peak Analyzer in Origin2019 and reload, recalculate fails.


  • It also happens if you use the saved template in Batch Process dialog.
  • No issue with existing analysis template with PA made before Origin 2019.

New bug in Origin 2019.  

Simple way to reproduce the issue

1. Start a new project. Import \Samples\Curve Fitting\Gaussian.dat
2. Highlight column B to open PA, select Fit Peaks goal, click OK to create result.
4. Save the book as analysis template. 
5. New a project and open above analysis template.
6. Activate 1st sheet and import new data. Click Recalculate toolbar button.
==> The FitPeaks sheet has no contents.

Please contact tech@originlab.com for a solution.




Can not edit the bin size of the histogram from Statistics on Columns in 2018b and 2019In the histogram created by Statistics on columns. The bin size is auto and couldn't be adjusted.




Shaded background in worksheet shows in printout exported image or pdf files

We shade unused cells with shaded background by default since Origin 2019. But the shade showed in printout and exported image or pdf file as well. It should not. Fixed in Origin 2019b.

Workaround before Origin 2019b:

  • Choose Window: Properties... menu. Uncheck the Indicate Unused cells with a shaded background checkbox.
  • To turn off shaded background for all future workbooks in the future, choose Tools: System Variables... menu. Enter COR as Name and enter 0 as Value. Note: COR is the system variable to control degray of shading. Default is 45. Read more in Improved Handling of Empty Cells in Origin 2019