Origin 2019 Bug Fixes


ORG-18110Saving project as OPJ file caused File Size to Increase

In Origin 2018, when saving project as OPJ instead of OPJU, file size will keep on growing. 

This bug only exists for OPJ saving in Origin 2018 and 2018b

Workaround in Origin 2018 and 2018b: Save project as OPJU instead.


ORG-18243Log10, etc. axis scale broken in Trellis Plot

In Trellis plot, if you change Y axis to log scale, etc. the panels will mess up. 

The issue only exists in Origin 2018b. 

ORG-18283Error bar fill failed to draw transparency correctly

Newly broken in 2018b.

Plot error bar as filled area. If the data plot isn't set as transparent

while error bar filled area is set as transparent, filled area shows hatched pattern.

ORG-18186Minus error bar failed to start from top of the bar

Newly broken in 2018b.

When plotting statistics bar of a column with error bars,

e.g. mean+sd, error bar failed to draw from the top of the bar


Align Color Scale with layer

Before Origin 2019, when selecting layer and then color scale

to align them and set uniform width, they are not totally aligned.

In Origin 2019, the header and tail will be ignored so they can align well.


Object/Text size changes when resizing graph page

If user sets layer size set to mm, in, etc. not % of page and scale factor fixed to 1,

then when making page wider, font should not be changed. 

Fixed in Origin 2019. Before Origin 2019, user can set system variable @psm=100

ORG-18077Axis Stats Reference Line e.g. Mean(plotdata(*, Y)) should ignore hidden plotsMean(plotdata(*, Y)) refers to mean of all plots. In the past it includes hidden plots. Now the reference line will exclude those hidden plots.


Origin crashes when clicking/draging the label with leader line in 3d scatterNew bug introduced in Origin 2018b. Fixed in 2019.
ORG-19224Box Chart: Fail to connect customized percentiles pointsNew bug introduced in Origin 2018b. Fixed in 2019.
ORG-19099Contour profile's arbitrary line not work for vm plotNew bug introduced in Origin 2018b. Fixed in 2019.


 Make Page Setup menu for changing page size/orientation less confusingNo matter user wants to change orientation(portrait or landscape), or change the size in Page Setup dialog, after pressing YES for "Printer and graph size is mismatched. Do you want to resize the graph to the printer's dimension?" prompt.
ORG-18669Fail to add straight line when source date data is time format
  1. source date data is time format
  2. Graph: Add straight line to open the dialog.
  3. modify the setting of At Value, enter value which is within the axis scale

==> hint is showed: please specify a value within the axis scale
==> apply button and OK button are unavailable

Fixed in Origin 2019.

ORG-18460Pick Point Tool Fails When List Separator is SemicolonIn Windows: Control Panel: Region: Formats: Additional settings, set List separator as other, pick points window fails to work
ORG-18028Origin crash when set decimal symbol to '
  1. change decimal symbol to ,
  2. open origin and save a file(project or template)
  3. change decimal symbol to '
  4. open origin and load the file
    ==> Origin crash

Fixed in Origin 2019

ORG-18555Data point tooltip display issuesWhen mouse is moved away from the data point, data point tooltip still stays
ORG-17484Axis Dialog Too Tall or BigIn lower Resolution, such as 1280*720, when open Axis dialog, fails to show whole dialog.
ORG-18761Data Selector fails to toggle
  1. New a worksheet and fill with row number, plot Line.
  2. Data selector on the graph and press OK.
  3. Active the Data Selector (two red lines), single click it.
  4. Press Space in keyboard. 

      ==> Fails to work

ORG-18730Data Selector fails to work when zoomed in the graphFixed in Origin 2019
ORG-18070Data cursor offset in High DPIFixed in Origin 2019

 Layout's inserted image show different resolution in 2016 and 2018


User can use @ii control and "Enable Interpolation" check box.


Fail to align color scale with layerWhen align color scale or uniform width/height, if there is no background, we should only consider the color scale bar.
ORG-18626A redundant error bar shows when make multiple X error plot
  1.  make 2D scatter plot with XXerYXXerYXXerY
  2. open Plot Detail dialog

==> There is a redundant X error bar 

Fixed in Origin 2019.

ORG-18462Lines in Line Series plot disappear by Data Cursor tool
  1. Make a worksheet, and fill random numbers to columns A and B.
  2. Highlight both columns, and choose "Plot> Line+Symbol> Line Series" menu.
  3. Choose Data Cursor tool, and double-click a data point in A dataset to put a marker on the plot.
  4. Double-click a data point in B dataset.

      ==> All lines between A and B disappear.

ORG-18719Data Reader could not show cursor on right spot when there is wrap panel
  1. Plot a scatter plot, horizontal panel to a column with a b
  2. Wrap panels if columns/rows exceed 1
  3. Use data reader to click a point

      ==> Red cross do not show on point, there is some offset

ORG-17120Plot Details dialog too big, reorganize smallerPlot detail dialog is too big to click OK button for high dpi, (for example: dpi:150% and Resolution: 1920*1080)
ORG-18124Data Reader Settings needs session option
  1. Fill col(A) & col(B) with some random numbers, and make a scatter
  2. Open data reader, open perference dialog, make some changes. say add one more column
  3. Set as <default> and OK. 
  4. Make a new graph, open the data reader.==> It's still the original display
 ORG-18886 Group By's dropdown list could not show when select multi wks for plotbylabelWith multiple worksheet as input, Select All datasets in Dataset Browser of plotbylabel dialog, Group by option becomes edit box with value <xcol>. There is no drop-down list.
 ORG-19041simple Col function could not work in Label Tab "In Indices from dataset or space separated numbers"Label Tab of Plot Detail dialog's show at Specified Indices Only option support col(B) or just B (B is LN/SN) if Specified Indices are the same sheet with plotting data. But it's not working since 9.5
 ORG-18534 "#.0%" doesn't work in box chart labelFixed in Origin 2019
 ORG-18299Panel order is wrong when categorical panel column with customized orderIf Horizontal/Vertical Panel use a Category column with customized order, the panel order is not the same.
 ORG-18428Error Message Shows when Switch from Box tab to Label tab
  1. New a Box plot: Bar chart.
  2. Enable Label for box plot.
  3. Go to Box tab of Plot Detail and change Box type to Box.
  4. Check Box range, whisker, mean in Label group and then switch to Label tab. Then Error message shows: Encounter an improper argument.
 ORG-18526Speed mode is not kicked in for Line+symbol plotNo problem for Line plot, Scatter plot and other plots. Fixed in Origin 2019
 ORG-18659Some system variables don't work
@TK @TKP and @TKS don't work.
Fixed in Origin 2019
 ORG-19024Grid line is shown wrong in group box chart if group table is on top axisFixed in Origin 2019
 ORG-18908Ghost area in error with area plotGhost area shows in some specific area plot. Fixed in Origin 2019
 ORG-18499Fail to set Layer Boundary in ContourFail to set Layer Boundary for some specific contour.  Fixed in Origin 2019
 ORG-18434Use X as Unit doesn't work for log scale column plotFixed in Origin 2019
 ORG-18317Error bars in radar plot disappear after changing axis rangeFixed in Origin 2019
 ORG-18708Scatter matrix colormap doesn't update correctly Change input data, the colormap for Scatter Matrix plot's symbol color could not update correctly. Fixed in Origin 2019
 ORG-18972Axis dialog with top X table labels in J version will mess upAxis dialog will mess up when overlap box plot set horizontal panel and vertical panel with Overlap Panels option checked. The problem only exists in Japanese mode. 
 ORG-19056Boxplot box side line sticking outFor some specific box plot, change Box range to SE in Plot Detail's Box tab and uncheck Median Line in Lines tab. Box side lines will stick out.
 ORG-18923Floating Columns did not work with Column Gap Across Layers optionFixed in Origin 2019


Wrong scale for contour profile ALine's separate graph
  1. import contour.dat, plot a contour color fill graph.
  2. Click the Gadget: Image/Contour Profile main menu.
  3. In the Image/Contour Profile dialog, click the Add Arbitrary line button.
    ==> Check the AlineV and AlineH window, can't see the plot.
  4. Rescale the graph.
    --> Can see the plots now.

Fixed in Origin2019.

ORG-15447Fails to hide column label of Table object1. Run Script,
win -t P;
add_table_to_graph col:=1;

2. Double-click on table to active Table book.
3. Hide the Long Name label.
4. Click Update Table button.
==> Table object on the graph still shows the label.

ORG-18307Origin crashes when adding data cursor to grouped box charts index data
  1. Import Categorical Data.dat and plot grouped box chart-indexed
  2. B as Data columns, D and C as Group Columns, click OK.
  3. Double click the graph, in Plot Detail, set Data as Type in Box tab, check Snap Points to Bin in Data tab.
  4. Data cursor on any point

      ==> Crash 




cell(nrow, ncol) function in F(x) of column header is brokenAfter cell() function is improved in Origin 2018b to accept a third argument, it fails with two arguments in SCV.
ORG-18234Set Column Value calculation failed to work in inserted rows

Newly broken in 2018b.

  1. Fill Column A with row numbers.
  2. Set F(x) of Column B as A*3
  3. Right click row 1 and choose Insert to insert a row on the top.
  4. Enter 4 in the new A1 cell.

  ==> B1 isn't updated.

ORG-18257Cell formula not accepts non-English sheet nameE.g. =単価!A1
ORG-19133Origin crashes when deleting matrix objects' analysis result New bug introduced in Origin 2018b. Fixed in 2019.
ORG-19002Function argument separators in cell formula in German version broken when save template file

In German version, decimal point is comma(,), and function argument separators is semicolon(;). So the correct way to call a function is like "table(A;B;25)".

However, for a cell formula "=table(A;B;25)", save as a template file, then reopen the file, will find that it became "=table(A.B.25)", and got an error.

Fixed in Origin 2019.

 ORG-19224Connect Percentiles will not show lines for customized position
  1. Plot box chart with multiple random columns
  2. double click to open PD, go to Connect Lines tab
  3. select Connect Percentiles, and set Percentiles to 20 70, ok==>No connect line is plotted.


ORG-19070Embedded graph failed to be deleted when deleting hierarchy sheet

For some analysis, embedded graphs appears in hierachy sheet. If user double click to open it and then delete hierachy sheet, the graph isn't deleted. Fixed in Origin 2019.

Click green lock in the double checked graph will delete the graph as well.

ORG-18456Wrong Row index result in PA if input partial dataFixed in Origin 2019.
ORG-18249Peak Analysis Auto Rescale doesn't workFixed in Origin 2019.
ORG-18236Peak Analyzer fails to use if save template as with default settingRight click the workbook and save template as with default setting, Origin.otwu saved in UFF, then Fit peaks with Peak Analyzer fails to work. Fixed in Origin 2019.
ORG-18106PA summary graph does not show fitted curve if used PA Last Used themeFixed in Origin 2019.
ORG-18529Xfunction corr1 circular type issueCircular type in Signal Processing: Correlation algorithm adjust
ORG-18899Specific Data for two way repeated measure ANOVA fail to work after 2018 but it works in 2017Fixed in Origin 2019.
ORG-18622Mann-Whitney Test gets Run-time ErrorOrigin 2019 will show error message "Dataset is too large to output Exact P Value." for Mann-Whitney Test.
ORG-18302Correlation Coeffiecients flag significant correlations fails to update correctly for large dimension cols recalculationsFixed in Origin 2019.
ORG-17713One Way ANOVA Means Comparison Plot significant and non-significant legends colors should not change by dataFixed in Origin 2019.




ASCII file with NUL failed to import - Need better encoding guessWhen ASCII file contains consecutive NULL values, it will fail to be imported in Origin 2018b. Fixed in Origin 2019.


Drag&drop does not work the same as impWizard

D&D import fails when filter is using cDelimiters since Origin 2018. Fixed in Origin 2019.


Import single 1 text-only column issueImport ASCII file fails to import text as single column since Origin 2018. Fixed in Origin 2019.


impASC fails to import certain file in Origin 2018PRN files(Labtech) fail to be imported by Import ASCII tool since Origin 2018. Fixed in Origin 2019.


IRIG Time Import Fails in 2019 2018b 2018Import IRIG Time data incorrectly since Origin 2018. Fixed in Origin 2019.
ORG-18744some settings in import filter are ignored when do batch processingsome settings such as Number of Columns in import filter are ignored when do batch processing




Export issue for Step Horz and Dash Line

If export line plot which is connected by Step Horz, dash, the exported line become slope.
Fixed in Origin2019.



 Fail to export 3D graph as raster format in tightSet margin control as tight to export 3D graphs as raster format. The exported page is not clipped.
Fixed in Origin2019.


Export layout with multiple graphs to pdf, jpg or png, some graphs are not showingThis is a bug in 2017 and older versions. Origin 2018 had some fix but more fix in 2019.
 ORG-18399Some elements not showing in layout/raster-export


User can workaround by set @FGC=0.


ORG-18496Advanced color list failed to work in LabTalk GetN dialog
win -t Plot;
layer.color = 16777471; 
mycolor = layer.color;
GetN (Layer bgColor) mycolor:@CNCR;

==> The color list failed to show.

Fixed in Origin 2019.

ORG-18551DDE command error in G version and G Office

In German OS, Origin2018b G and Office2013 G

1. Open Origin and the Excel file in attachment.
2. Run below script in Script Window:

dde -c Excel|[Xdaten.xls]Tabelle1 idxd;
dde -rc idxd R1C1:R5C2 [Book1]Sheet1!R1C1;

3. Refresh

==>#Command Error!

To fix this problem, replace the second command with

dde -rc idxd Z1S1:Z5S2 [Book1]Sheet1!R1C1;

ORG-19149Protect sheet and save project leads to crash

1. New a book, fill cols with data and plot

2. In same book, add a sheet and insert the graph in any cell

3. Protect that sheet with script: layer -lw hex(182);

4. Delete that sheet and save project.

==>error "Junk dataset with NULL elements found !!! " dump into message.

==>origin crashes after new project.

ORG-18921Origin 2018b crashes when using Certain User Files folder from 2017
ORG-18535Active window changed to Origin workspace when autosave happens

When autosave happens, Code Builder active window changes to Origin workspace.

Fixed in Origin 2019.

ORG-15823 P7Improve Project Backup for Labtalk saving case

In Origin 2018b, use below labtalk script to save opju several times:

save -DIX %yMyProject.opju;
==>User File folder generates Backup.opju, while Origin should  create a MyProject.opju under C:\Users\<User>\Documents\OriginLab\Backup\ folder.

Fixed in Origin 2019.

ORG-18535Active window changed to Origin workspace when autosave happensAutosave project will change the active window from Code Builder to Origin main window. Fixed in Origin 2019.
ORG-18901Japanese character, German umlaut saved before Origin 2018 may shows gibberish

In Origin 2017, if you save a workbook file contains Japanese character in object's programming script, or meta data in workbook organizer contains German umlaut. Then it will show gibberish in Origin 2018.

Fixed in Origin 2019.

ORG-1223Some underline of short-cut letter in menu are missing/not work/redundantFixed in Origin 2019.



Gadget Controls and Labels moved when plot properties change

Fixed the bug that gadget controls and labels are moved when plot properties change.

License and Installation

ORG-17389Dongle Version gives wrong error messageFixed the bug that dongle version gives wrong error message when dongle key is not inserted.