Origin 2018b Known Issues


ORG-18110Saving project as OPJ file caused File Size to Increase

In Origin 2018b, when saving project as OPJ instead of OPJU, file size will keep on growing. 

This bug only exists for OPJ saving in Origin 2018 and 2018b

Workaround in Origin 2018 and 2018b: Save project as OPJU instead.


ORG-18243Log10, etc. axis scale broken in Trellis Plot

Newly broken in 2018b.

In Trellis plot, if you change Y axis to log scale, etc. the panels will mess up. 

ORG-18283Error bar fill failed to draw transparency correctly

Newly broken in 2018b.

Plot error bar as filled area. If the data plot isn't set as transparent

while error bar filled area is set as transparent, filled area shows hatched pattern.


Minus error bar failed to start from top of the bar

Newly broken in 2018b.

When plotting statistics bar of a column with error bars,

e.g. mean+sd, error bar failed to draw from the top of the bar

ORG-18323Object/Text size changes when resizing graph page

If user sets layer size set to mm, in, etc. not % of page and scale factor fixed to 1,

then when making page wider, font should not be changed. 

Fixed in Origin 2019. Before Origin 2019, user can set system variable @psm=100


Origin crashes when clicking/draging the label with leader line in 3d scatterNew bug introduced in Origin 2018b. Fixed in 2019.
ORG-19224Box Chart: Fail to connect customized percentiles pointsNew bug introduced in Origin 2018b. Fixed in 2019.




cell(nrow, ncol) function in F(x) of column header is brokenAfter cell() function is improved in Origin 2018b to accept a third argument, it fails with two arguments in SCV.
ORG-18234Set Column Value calculation failed to work in inserted rows

Newly broken in 2018b.

  1. Fill Column A with row numbers.
  2. Set F(x) of Column B as A*3
  3. Right click row 1 and choose Insert to insert a row on the top.
  4. Enter 4 in the new A1 cell.

  ==> B1 isn't updated.




Origin crashed if global fit with fix specific parameter

This bug was introduced since Origin 2018b.

Steps to see the issue:

  1. Select multiple data and open Nonlinear Curve Fit dialog.
  2. Pick a fitting function.
  3. Set Multi-Data Fit Mode as Global Fit.
  4. Go to Parameters tab, check fix checkbox on some parameters.
  5. Click Fit button.

==> Origin not responding or crashes




Can not edit the bin size of the histogram from Statistics on Columns in 2018b and 2019

In the histogram created by Statistics on columns. The bin size is auto and couldn't be adjusted.

Data Processing



Internal Excel XLSX book in 32 bit Origin failed to be opened in PC with only 64 bit Excel

Newly broken in 2018b.

If the computer has only 64bit Excel, Run 32-bit Origin and open a OPJ/OPJU file with internal XLSX file.

Error message pops up:  "Origin is unable to detect a proper installation of Excel on your PC."




Origin can't find the latest R 3.5.0 installation.

After R 3.5.0 is installed, Origin's R console tool can't find the installed R


Use R 3.4