Origin 2018b Bug Fixes


ORG-17662Slowness in MDF file Import

Customer sent a big mdf file which takes 1 hour to import in Origin 2018 and earlier versions.

In Origin 2018b, it only takes 67 sec.

ORG-18089Drag and drop data file failed to set column as Date with Custom Date format

When save a filter by Import wizard with the settings: on Data Columns page, set Custom Date Format, and right click on column header to set format as Date.

And then drag and drop the a date format ASCII file into Workbook to import with the saved filter.

==>Fail to set the specified column with Custom Date Format.

ORG-17607Worksheet Script run after Import for DatabaseWorksheet script fails to execute after Database import, and this is fixed in Origin 2018b.
ORG-173942018 Customer Complains About Excel DDE Slowness with Large OPJ

Improve the speed of loading OPJ with lots of DDE links.

Fixed in Origin2018b.


ORG-17664Axis arrow cut off in graph pasted to word with Tight Margin Control

In a graph, if axis arrow is turned on, but where is no axis title and ticks, then if user set Margin Control as Tight and export graph or copy page, the axis title is show in half. 

Fixed in Origin 2018b.



Group column indexed data plot pasting to CorelDRAW lost label text object

Fixed problem that graph's lables are lost if pasted in CorelDRAW.

Due to Clipping fail correctly handled by Corel Draw, user can use metafile to workaround, or turn of clipping by new system variable: @ATLC, whether enable axis table label drawing clipping. 1 for enable(default), 0 for disable.

Fixed in Origin2018b.



MT Extra Font fails to export as EPS correctly

Export text object whose font type is MT Extra as EPS.
==> The letter shows as English letter.

Fixed in Origin2018b.



 Axis table lost in exported image file 
  1. Make a graph with axis table and it has break.
  2. Export the graph.
    ==> The 2nd level label is lost.

Fixed in Origin2018b.

ORG-17221Arrow and line have offset after copy paste when enable AA

If anti-aliasing is enable for arrow, arrow's shape and line do not match in the graph pasted in Word.

Fixed in Origin2018b.

ORG-17643Origin fails to export graph with annotation connected by dash line

1. add labels by Annotation button
2. change leader style to dash
==> fail to copy & paste or export

Fixed in Origin2018b.

ORG-6086Hidden contour line will be shown in exported vector type format like EPS/WMFFixed in Origin2018b.
ORG-17941Tick labels are auto brought to the front when copy&paste

Copy graph as following and paste to Word/PPT

==> tick labels of Y & Z axis are showed

Fixed in Origin2018b.

 ORG-17692Very Tall Customer Graph Exports with Wrong Dimensions

OPJ from customer contains 9 graph windows whose short name is the same "Graph1". Export the very tall graph (Graph1) and dimensions in expGraph and actual exported image are totally wrong. As well, an empty layer that is hidden shows up in export.

A new labtalk command is added:

doc -rd;

This command will automatically rename the duplicated pages.

Fixed in Origin2018b.

ORG-17685Size in pixel in expGraph dialog is wrong

1.specify size in pixel in expGraph dialog
2.change Resolution under export setting
==> value of fit width and fit height are not updated automatically

Fixed in Origin2018b.


ORG-17750Slowness when drawing many columnsLine plot drawing is much slower since Origin 2017. It also exists in Origin 2018. E.g. when drawing 7000 columns, Origin hangs up. It takes about 10 sec. in Origin 2018b.
ORG-17237Symbol tab customization should also affect box chart component

Line thickness control doesn't work on any component. While  Scatter symbol size doesn't work on mean percentile symbol. Now Symbol tab customization should also affect box chart component. 

ORG-17248Support Table Tick Label(not Panel Banner) for Trellis PlotIn the past, Trellis will not support table tick label unless it's panel banner.
ORG-17386Could not copy/paste column plot border colorSince 9.4 SR1, copy column/bar/3D bar plot's format and select Paste Format: Border didn't work. 
ORG-17429Support Copy and Paste format for Stats & Formula Reference lineCopy Axis' format with Stats & Formula Reference line and then paste into another axis for paste Format: Reference Lines fails in 9.5 .


XYZ contour disappear after merge into smaller layer areaSome XYZ contour graph fails to merge into smaller layer area


Too much levels will make the contour show the colors incorrectlyFor some contour plot with too many levels, open speed mode could show incorrectly since Origin 9.3
ORG-16088XYZ Profile curves get broken by making multiple graphsMake specific contour profile via template library more than one time, profile curves in 1st Graph disappear.
ORG-17668Contour Plot Freezes Origin on Turning Off Speed ModeOrigin freezes when turning off speed mode for some contour plot
ORG-17824Contour or Image Profile Fails with Customer MatrixImage/Contour Profiel will not work correctly for some opj. Dragging lines fails to update the plots, output sheet, etc.
ORG-17398Fail to remember Custom Axis LinkSet Custom Axis Link in Link Axes Scales tab in Plot Details dialog. Then reopen Plot Detail and go to Link Axes Scales tab, the custom settings are gone in Origin 9.5
ORG-17020Reference Line did not apply if customize other tabMake some customization in Reference Line tab in Axis dialog and then switch to other tab and do some customization and Apply. The settings in Reference Line tab is gone.
ORG-17933Trellis stacked bar plot shows missing columnSome trellis stacked column/bar doesn't show in speicific opj file.
ORG-17724New system variable is added to prevent system theme to set axis rescale option during template loading@DFR is added with default value 0.
ORG-17773Z values messed up in Image Plot from Matrix with more than certain levelsSome specific image plot fails to show correctly with more than 256 levels.
ORG-17723Connected line was not drawn when there are many missing data points


Graph Issues after Delete Worksheet ColumnDelete worksheet columns for group plots will make legend or plot's color show incorrectly.
ORG-17465Multiple Scatter Matrices cause user stuck by Merge Graph Windows

Merge graph unable to add more layers/sheets for some scatter matrix with too many layers. After this fix:

  • Default of Merge combo in Merge graph dialog changed to Specified.
  • When the final total number of merged layers is > 1024, error message will show.
  • Introduce system variable @GLL with default value 100. Merge graph dialog will exclude all graph with layers > @GLL .


Plot Multiple Panels by Label, Error Bars, and Grouping IssueWhen using Plot Multiple Panels by Label and there is error bar data, plots are not properly grouped in graph.
ORG-17596Annotation for Trellis Plot Get Wrong Anchor Point PositionAnnotation for Trellis Plot, drag this annotation to show leader line, leader line do not connect to the point.
ORG-17340Could not show tooltip in Plot Details to display column modifier info

1. make 3D surface plot
2. activate graph window, open PD dialog, go to Fill tab,
3. hover the mouse over Contour fill from matrix
==> tooltip to display data's info is not showed

Fixed in Origin2018b.

ORG-17475 XYZ surface plot with subset of data is wrong after enable error bar

1.new wks, filled xyz columns with uniform random numbers
2.make 3D surface plot with row from 9
3.open plot detail dialog, enable error bar, select one arbitrary column data for error data, click OK.
==> plot is wrong

Fixed in Origin2018b.

ORG-17543Colormap Issue for Customer Project

Colormap failed when level is not in minimum and maximum of data.

Fixed in Origin2018b.

ORG-16429Wrong line connection for Akima Spline method

1.Import Raman Baseline.dat from \Samples\Spectroscopy.
2.Plot line graph with col(b) then open Plot Detail dialog.
3.Line tab, set Connect as Akima Spline. Click OK.
==> The graph is mess up.

Fixed in Origin2018b.

ORG-15101Need speed up when drag and drop the layout window with multiple surface plots

 ==> When drag and drop the layout window with multiple surface plots, it is slow.

Fixed in Origin2018b.

ORG-17654Fail to save vertical connect for annnotationAnnotation for a 2D plot, fail to set Connect as Vertical in Leader line tab in Annotation dialog
ORG-18133Origin crash when rotate 3D Scatter plot with Text label and Leader lineFixed in Origin2018b.
ORG-18021Runtime error after copy paste format for special point in scatter plot

1.fill wks with row number

2.make scatter plot, duplicate the plot

3.activate graph1, select one special point, change its symbol color

4.right click white space, select copy format: all

5.activate graph2, right click, select paste format
--> it seems to be well

6.go back to graph1, repeat step4-5
==> error: VC Member function call execution error

Fixed in Origin2018b.

ORG-17963Fit Page to Printer did not update page dimension correctly

 ==> Fit page to printer doesn't fit exactly to printer.

Fixed in Origin2018b.

ORG-17741 Symbol disappears after change 3D symbol to 2D in certain 3D scatter plot

1.new project, click F11 to open Origin Central, select 3D scatter ribbon and wall graphs, double click the forth plot(3D scatter with colormap) to open

2.click Ctrl to select one point, open plot detail dialog for it

3.change symbol type to 2D, click OK

==> symbol disappears

Fixed in Origin2018b.


ORG-17815ANOVA1 with tukey get error 2003

Certain datasets for One Way Anova, Two Way Anova and Factorial ANOVA  get error for Tukey Test. Fixed in Origin 2018b.

ORG-176843-way ANOVA output wrong for certain data3-way ANOVA fails to output Homogeneity Tests(Levene's Test) for certain data. Fixed in Origin 2018b.
Wrong Confidence/Prediction Bands in Polynomial Fit if using Apparent Fit
In Polynomial Fit's report, Apparent Fitted curve is outputted with wrong Confidence/Prediction Bands. Fixed in Origin 2018b.
ORG-17447Try to ignore missing values in fitting bounds for parametersIf missing value exists in the bounds, try to treat it as there is no bounds setting at all and then not pass it into iteration.
ORG-17679Recalculate and Rescale Issues on Virtual MatrixFix the issues exist in the analysis related to Virtual Matrix.
Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA should not use the same row header for Descriptive Table when raw data from different worksheets
Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA, Mood's median test , Friedman ANOVA and (NPH)K Independent Samples should not use the same row header for Descriptive Table when raw data from different worksheets. Fixed in Origin 2018b.
ORG-15017The PCA results aren't right when there is numeric data in Label column(1st col)

The Principle Component Analysis score results aren't right when there is numeric data in Label column(1st col).

Fixed in Origin 2018b.

ORG-16466Improve Guassian_LorenCross function in PAOverflow of the exponential part in the function's denominator part when abs(x-xc) is very large and lead to fit failed.
ORG-18081Next Button in PA was disabled when switch peak finding methodIn PA Find Peaks page, change Method combo in Peak Find Settings branch to be 1st Derivative" (anyone except "Fourier Self-Deconvolution (Pro)") leads Next and Finish button disabled.
ORG-18059Target line does not refresh in Vertical/Horizontal translate after remove

Worksheet and Data Processing

ORG-17802Failure to Convert Virtual Matrix into XYZ Columns if X and Y is text.

Virtual Matrix with text X or Y failed to be converted into XYZ columns.

Fixed in Origin 2018b.

ORG-17425Origin crashes with non-unicode header row

In Origin 2018, Origin may crashes when make a plot if column contains non-unicode char.

Fixed in Origin 2018b.

Also, LabTalk Char() function has been improved to all Unicode. Now is up to 0xFFFF.

Batch Processing

ORG-17472Open book should take care multiple source data sheet

when do batch processing with multiple source datasheet, in summary book, click open books button will fail to regenerate intermediate workbook.

Fixed in Origin 2018b.


ORG-17649"Create Categories" in Cluster gadget does not get correct data range if ROI box is rotated/skewed.

If the ROI box is rotated or skewed, the "Create Categories" in Cluster gadget will not be able to get correct data range.

Fixed in Origin 2018b.


Embedded graph with gadget needs update when data change

When a graph with a Gadget tool is embedded in a Workbook window, the result of the Gadget tool will not update as the source data chages.

Fixed in Origin 2018b.

ORG-18130Fixed a crash in FFT Gadget.


ORG-17871page -X command to add shortcut not working for doc -e
doc -e W{
	page -x;

Fixed in Origin 2018b.

License and Installation

ORG-17557Offline Activation fails if user account contains Unicode character

If user account name contains UNICODE characters, activating Origin without internet connection will fail.

Fixed in Origin 2018b.


ORG-17786Customer Report on OPJU issuesCustomer‘s OPJU Crashing on load. Fixed in Origin 2018b.
ORG-17550app toolbar fail to work after do changes on button settings

install app which will create toolbar,such as Distance Between Two Points, if do changes on button settings in customize toolbar dialog, the app toolbar fail to work.  this issue will be gone after restarting origin.

Fixed in Origin 2018b.

ORG-17620Long LaTeX script fails to shows correctWorkaround:  The long LaTeX equation should be separated to 2 parts or set @LTXR=2000.
Note: Need set @LTXR=2000 firstly, then recreate a new long LaTeX equation. For the old one, it still fails to work.
ORG-17359The preview graph of ternary coordinate is lower quality displayed when compare with origin2017.

Use EMF for ternary and polar preview in Digitize dialog.

Fixed in Origin2018b.