Grouped Column Plots

Sample OPJ to download to try: Column_Plots.opj


Product Page of Column and Bar Plot

Grouped Column Graph (ORG-5344 , ORG-9449)

Menus are available under Plot: Column/Bar/Pie menu.

Buttons are available on 2D Graphs toolbar, .

How to:

  • Click Select Columns... to add multiple grouping columns into Group List or just select the fly-out one by one.
    You can modify the sequence in Group List by Move Up/Down and Remove.
  • Uncheck Sort Groups if you don't want to sort the groups in alphabetical order of group name.
  • Set Plot Type as Bar.
  • Go to Plot Details: Plot Properties: Spacing tab, input Gap Between Subsets(%) to specify gap size between subgroups.
  • Double click Tick Labels to open Axis dialog. Each row of the table has one node under Tick Labels node. Right click the node to move/delete it.


  • The size of input range and all the group ranges must be equal.

Grouped Stacked Column/Bar Graph (ORG-949)


How to:

  1. Go to Plot Details: Plot PropertiesGroup tab, set Subgroup Size.
    This means how many columns/bars will be stacked to become a new column/bar.
  2. Go to Plot Details: Layer Properties: Stack tab, choose Offset to be Cumulative and check Use Subgroup (in Group tab) for Cumulative checkbox.

Subgrouping in Normal Column Plot

How to:

  • Within the same dataset:
    Go to Plot Detail: Plot Properties: Spacing tab, set Subsize Size and Gap Between Subsets(%).
  • In different dataset:
    Go to Plot Details: Plot PropertiesGroup tab, set Subgroup Size.
    Use increment checkbox indicated to repeat increment list within each subgroup.