Copy & Paste Operation


Sample OPJ to download to try:   Copy Paste Operation.opj

The ability to copy and paste an operation has been implemented, to allow for repeating the same analysis/operation on other selected curves in the same graph or other graphs. Operations that are supported include:

  • Linear Fit
  • Nonlinear Curve/Implicit Curve/Surface Fit
  • Nonlinear Matrix Fit
  • Polynomial Fit
  • Other special nonlinear curve fitting operations(Exponential Fit/Single Peak Fit/Sigmoidal Fit)

Click on the operation lock in a graph and select Copy Operation. Then depending on where you right click in (other) graphs, you can paste the operation and have the operation be repeated for:

  • One plot in one layer (click to select desired plot, then right-click)
  • Grouped plots in one layer (click to select group, then right-click)
  • All plots in one layer (right click on layer)
  • All plots in one graph (right click outside all layers)

How to

  1. Copy the operation
    - Click the green lock icon in the workbook/graph and choose Copy Operation from context menu
  2. Paste to one curve
    - Go to Graph2, select the plot C in the upper layer, right click and choose Paste Operation from context menu
  3. Paste to grouped data plots
    - Go to Graph2, select the grouped plot B and D in the lower layer, right click and choose Paste Operation from context menu
    Since B and D are grouped, but C is not in the group, the analysis will only be pasted to plot B and D.
  4. Paste to all data plots in one graph
    - Go to Graph3, right click on the white page area(without layer/data plots/axis being selected) and choose Paste Operation from context menu.