3D OpenGL Waterfall

Sample OPJ to download to try: 3D Waterfall.opj


Product Page of Waterfall


Menus are under Plot: 3D XYY: menu. Buttons are available from 3D and Contour Graphs toolbar.

More Axis Controls

How to:

Double click the axis you want to edit to open Axis Dialog.

  • Control where axis shows:
    Go to X/Y/Z Axis page, select the position you want to show the axis by Show Axis dropdown list.
  • Separate control of how ticks labels and titles rotate:
    Go to X/Y/Z Axis page, select the rotate method by Rotate dropdown list. 
    This has higher priority than Plot Details: Layer Properties: Axis: Orientation of Labels & Titles & Ticks.
  • Show both axis:
    Uncheck Use Only One Axis For Each Direction checkbox, and extra control interface will shown.

Plane Controls

How to:

Go to Plot Details: Layer Properties: Planes tab

  • Show fourth Plane:
    Select the fourth plane's checkbox. In the dragdown list, choose the plane direction.
  • Separate plane grid control:
    Uncheck the Grid Lines checkbox of the plane which you do not want grid lines to show on.
  • Modify each plane's position:
    Select position reference method by Position dragdown list and input Percent/Value.


How to:

For 3D waterfall, Skewing/Shearing is supported.

  • Click on graph to see 3D controls. Click Skew button. Drag the X and Y direction control to do shearing.
  • Increase or decrease Prospective on 3D Rotation toolbar. We also support Orthographic projection. User can go to Miscellaneous tab in Plot Details dialog with Layer1 selected on left panel to change the projection.
  • Disable Skewing/Shearing on Miscellaneous tab of Plot Details dialog with Layer1 selected on left panel.
  • Reset button on 3D Rotation toolbar can restore all necessary settings (rotation, axis length, shearing options, projection) to default.


How to:

  • With graph window active, press R key or click Rotate toolbar on Tools toolbar. The cursor will change. Drag to rotate the graph. R key can also be combined with Ctrl, Shift, or Ctrl+Shift to rotate only in X, Y or Z directions respectively.
  • Click on graph to see 3D controls. Click Rotate button. Drag to rotate in direction directions.
  • Use rotation controls on 3D Rotation toolbar to rotate step by step.
  • Reset Rotation button on 3D Rotation toolbar to restore to default position.

Zoom/Panning/Data Reader

How to:

  • Page zoom and Panning by pressing A key and mouse.
  • Use Data Reader tool to read x, y, z information of a point. LEFT and RIGHT key to move along the trace. UP and DOWN to change to next trace.

More Waterfall Plot Controls

We support these features in previous versions as well but the controls are on different tabs now.

InterfaceFeature & Position

Z value source controls

Plot Details: Layer Properties: Miscellaneous tab.

Base Plane at 0 or at Minimum Y axis

Plot Details: Plot Properties: Outline tab.

Side Line and Baseline Control

Plot Details: Plot Properties: Pattern tab.

Fill Color Transparency

Plot Details: Plot Properties: Pattern tab.

Border line color using Z value or Y values as in 2D waterfall

Plot Details: Plot Properties: Pattern tab.