6.48 X06 OpenMP Utilities

x06 – OpenMP Utilities

x06 OpenMP Utilities

Routine Name Mark of Introduction Purpose
x06aac 25 nag_omp_set_num_threads
Sets the number of threads for OpenMP parallel regions
x06abc 25 nag_omp_get_num_threads
The number of OpenMP threads in the current team
x06acc 25 nag_omp_get_max_threads
An upper bound on the number of threads in the next parallel region
x06adc 25 nag_omp_get_thread_num
The OpenMP thread number of the calling thread
x06afc 25 nag_omp_in_parallel
Tests for an active OpenMP parallel region
x06agc 25 nag_omp_set_nested
Enables or disables nested OpenMP parallelism
x06ahc 25 nag_omp_get_nested
Tests the status of nested OpenMP parallelism