Multi Parameter Functions

Multi-parameter functions are used as built-in functions for Origin's nonlinear fitter. You can view the equation, a sample curve, and the function details for each multi-parameter function by opening the NLFit (Analysis:Fitting:Nonlinear Curve Fit). Then select the function of interest from the Function selection page.

For additional documentation on all the multi-parameter functions available from Origin's nonlinear curve fit, see this PDF on the OriginLab website. This document includes the mathematical description, a sample curve, a discussion of the parameters, and the LabTalk function syntax for each multi-parameter function.

Name Brief
Boltzmann Boltzmann Function
Dhyperbl Double Rectangular Hyperbola Function
ExpAssoc Exponential Associate Function
ExpDecay2 Exponential Decay 2 with Offset Function
ExpGrow2 Exponential Growth 2 with Offset Function
Gauss Gaussian Function
Hyperbl Hyperbola Function
Logistic Logistic Dose Response Function
Lorentz Lorentzian Function
Poly Polynomial Function
Pulse Pulse Function